Using Grapeseed Extract For Genital Warts

Grapeseed extract can be effective against genital wart outbreaks. This is because it contains certain compounds that help your immune system function properly. Grapeseed extract comes from the same grapes wine is made from. They crush the seeds and then take away the pulp, and what you are left with is just the extract. This substance is dried until it becomes a very fine powder, and the powder can be put into gel caps. cbd oil uk

Holistic medical practitioners say that the extract is an antioxidant. It helps to give the immune system a boost. A strengthened immune system can kill the warts. Those who swear by grapeseed extract claim that it is even more effective than vitamin C or vitamin E in helping your immune system.

Grapeseed extract has other benefits than just fighting genital warts. Grapeseed extract is good for your heart, brain, skin and eyes. It contains a variety of properties that can help reduce pain, stop infections, and keep down swelling

You can buy grapeseed extract at health food stores and most pharmacies. You can get it either as a pill, or as a cream to spread on a wound or infected area. If taken in pill form, a 75-300 milligram tablet should be taken every day for 3 weeks. Grapeseed extract has no side effects, but it can be risky for pregnant women, children, or those with kidney or liver problems. In those cases, it should be used with caution.

Grapeseed extract is used in many cosmetic creams and lotions because it improves the skin. This is because it is an alpha-hydroxy acid. The oil from grapeseeds contains lots of minerals, vitamins and healthy fatty acids. Grapeseed oil can be applied directly to genital warts. It has no smell and is all-natural. It can be used by those who suffer from acne as well.